Dr. Robert P. Shine’s Speech at 220 Philadelphia Rally

[220,Peter Liang, Akai Gurley] 2/20/2016 philadelphia. Dr. Shine:
“We honestly and firmly believe that if justice is for Americans, then justice must be for officer Liang.”
“He was an officer on duty to protect the citizens, in the fear of his life, and the other gentlemen Mr. Gurley in fear of his life, a tragedy occurred. It was not an intentional crime. It was not something that he intentionally did. But he was made a victim.
The system has not treated him with adequate fair justice.
We call upon the justice in America to review, to re-examine, to take another look that Mr. Liang, that he receives the mercy that the court can offer him. He does not belong off of the force, he belongs on his post of duty, with his family.”
“So regrettable has the life of Mr Curley been taken, but
we cannot undo the event. but we do not have to perpetuate the event by finding this officer wrong and therefore punished for that. ”
“It was not a crime, it was a tragedy.
Let this man go free.”

Reverend Dr. Robert P. Shine, Sr. (AAMIA)
Dr. Shine is the Pastor and Founder of Berachah Baptist Church in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, where he has been the Pastor for seventeen years. Dr. Shine is a very well respected, visible church and community leader throughout the Philadelphia area. He is the former President of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity and President of the Pennsylvania State Wide Coalition of Black Clergy. He is the chairman of the African American Association for Corporate Responsibility, (AAACR) and chairman and Charter member of the World Communications Charter School.
Dr. Shine is the former Chairman of the Board of Manna bible Institute. Dr. Shine is a member of the Philadelphia Police Advisory Commission, (PAC), a member of the Board of the Campus Boulevard Corporation, (CBC); he’s a member of the Advisory Board of the Barrister’s Association of Philadelphia. He is also a member of the Philadelphia Association of Catholic Religious Investors, (PACRI). U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) appointed Dr. Shine as Congressional Black Caucus Chaplain and the National Association of Black State Legislators appointed him to head their Church and Clergy Division.
–from pfaw.org


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