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AsianCivilRights.org 就梁彼得事件对CAAAV声明的回应

张若楠 (nrzhang@gmail.com), 费城220游行发言人
: 武玮







Recently, I found myself in a surprising role as the “media spokeswoman” for the Philadelphia 2/20 rally. You may ask how did I stumble into that role, well, I will save the reminiscing for another time. I certainly did not see it coming.

Before this, race was never something that I talked about publicly. In fact, the subject of race is something very personal to me. For example, although I am proud of my heritage I chose not to join any professional organizations with a “Chinese” in its title.   I feel strongly that, as an academic, I should be evaluated and grouped purely by the content of my ideas.  Having grown up in America, I do not remember encountering discrimination.

As a second generation immigrant I felt, and still feel, very comfortable with being yellow in America. It is only the recent events in the news that bothered me on a deep level. Bad things happen in America to all races, but recently they seem to be happening at an increasing frequency to Asian Americans.  There was the witch-hunt that led to the hasty arrest of Sherry Chen last year.  And then of Xiaoxing Xi right here in Philadelphia.  Now, we see this selective prosecution of Peter Liang.  Was I oblivious before, or is this anti-Asian sentiment really gathering steam?


So, after this 220 rally for Peter Liang, a group of dedicated volunteers in Philadelphia are riding the momentum to start an Asian civil rights movement. I am proud to say that I am part of this passionate group!  But before I start calling myself an activist, I have to figure out what this is all about.

Why are we doing this? Most second generation Chinese that I know do not seem to be bothered by the recent events.  Many of these ABCs, or American Born Chinese, are also doing very well, through their hard work they are working in stereotypical non-Asian fields such as lawyers, artists, and even politicians. So, this racial “discrimination”, if we may call it that, is it unique to fresh-off-the boat (FOB) Chinese immigrants?

But, Peter Liang was second generation!  Seems we can’t just wait for assimilation to be the solution. Even a second generation local kid gets treated this way. But how much of Liang’s unfair treatment was because of his skin color, and how much of it was because of his remnant fob-ness, his lack of assimilation? If he were an assertive, truly Americanized banana, would he have met the same fate?


At the press conference for the 220 rally I was asked the question “Do you think there was discrimination against Liang?” After hesitating, I said, “discrimination is a strong word. In Peter Liang’s case, there was unfair treatment. ”

In the following days, I lost quite a bit of sleep over this question. Was that the right way to answer it? My instinct was that in America people hate it when you play the race card. Or, more accurately, the white majority hate it when you play the race card. But we are playing the race card, why deny it? Yet, if Peter Liang were white, would I still think this outcome is unfair? Absolutely! But I probably wouldn’t feel strong enough to protest it on the streets.


So now, for this civil rights movement or whatever it should be called, our main goal is to get Asians to become more socially and politically engaged, to stop being the silent minority.  How should that be achieved? And what role does assimilation play in all of this?

Will political involvement and social engagement come naturally as immigrants find and adjust to their new identity in this adopted country? For me, a second generation schizophrenic Chinese American, identity is an especially illusive concept.  For everyone, finding identity in America must be a personal thing, something that needs to be taken at one’s own pace. If anything, I hope that my involvement in this whole cause can help others find their own voice.

If you have read this far, well, I would really like to hear how you feel. What do you think our efforts are all about?


Dr. Robert P. Shine’s Speech at 220 Philadelphia Rally

[220,Peter Liang, Akai Gurley] 2/20/2016 philadelphia. Dr. Shine:
“We honestly and firmly believe that if justice is for Americans, then justice must be for officer Liang.”
“He was an officer on duty to protect the citizens, in the fear of his life, and the other gentlemen Mr. Gurley in fear of his life, a tragedy occurred. It was not an intentional crime. It was not something that he intentionally did. But he was made a victim.
The system has not treated him with adequate fair justice.
We call upon the justice in America to review, to re-examine, to take another look that Mr. Liang, that he receives the mercy that the court can offer him. He does not belong off of the force, he belongs on his post of duty, with his family.”
“So regrettable has the life of Mr Curley been taken, but
we cannot undo the event. but we do not have to perpetuate the event by finding this officer wrong and therefore punished for that. ”
“It was not a crime, it was a tragedy.
Let this man go free.”

Reverend Dr. Robert P. Shine, Sr. (AAMIA)
Dr. Shine is the Pastor and Founder of Berachah Baptist Church in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, where he has been the Pastor for seventeen years. Dr. Shine is a very well respected, visible church and community leader throughout the Philadelphia area. He is the former President of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity and President of the Pennsylvania State Wide Coalition of Black Clergy. He is the chairman of the African American Association for Corporate Responsibility, (AAACR) and chairman and Charter member of the World Communications Charter School.
Dr. Shine is the former Chairman of the Board of Manna bible Institute. Dr. Shine is a member of the Philadelphia Police Advisory Commission, (PAC), a member of the Board of the Campus Boulevard Corporation, (CBC); he’s a member of the Advisory Board of the Barrister’s Association of Philadelphia. He is also a member of the Philadelphia Association of Catholic Religious Investors, (PACRI). U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) appointed Dr. Shine as Congressional Black Caucus Chaplain and the National Association of Black State Legislators appointed him to head their Church and Clergy Division.
–from pfaw.org



作者:宾州/谷世强        视频:费城/Vivian

20160220-article_2_1春节已过,元宵佳节来临。本来,这是全世界华人一年中喜庆新春时刻,吃元宵, 闹花灯,享受一家人团团圆圆的天伦之乐。 但从小立志当警察为纽约做贡献的约警察局华人警官梁彼得家,今年却无法过好这个本该喜庆的猴年春节。 因为,梁警官的母亲在眼睁睁地看着自己执勤公务中失误的儿子面临被重判15年牢狱之灾冤案却又无能为力。枪击案多多的纽约警察执勤危险啊。 梁彼得在执勤公务中由于神经高度紧张,又缺乏必要的培训,在夜晚恐惧昏暗的执勤现场触枪走火,鬼使神差地竟然误杀了在现场的一位非洲裔男子!这的确是个沉 痛的悲剧。我们每个华人也都为这位被误伤后不幸死亡的非洲裔男子和他的家庭深表同情。但这毕竟是一起纽约乃至全美国警察多次发生过的失误悲剧,绝非故意。 就这,纽约法庭竟然做出了要求给梁彼得“二级谋杀”的定罪。如果成立,梁彼得最高将面临15年的监禁。

一石激起千层浪。美国士兵在战场上 误伤友军和无辜平民,美国警察执勤公务中误伤百姓的不幸失误哪一个被如此重判过? 而且,去年美国密苏里地区发生的弗格森黑人青年遭白人警察枪杀案和纽约白人警察锁喉致黑人小贩死亡案人们还都记忆犹新。 当时法庭依据法律和美国社会治安现状都做出了白人警察误杀无罪的判决。于是乎,非洲裔美国社区与美国政府特别是警察之间的激烈冲突连连发生。 在此状况下,对华人警官梁彼得的明显执勤公务中发生的误伤命案却如此重判,不合情理更不合法理。这是明摆着拿华裔做替罪羊去帮助摆平美国社会问题的有政治 倾向判决。 在美华人社会被震惊了,最温和的华人一族也被激怒了!微信时代,新一代华人虽依然是美国社会的少数族裔,但已然不再是温顺的羔羊和好捏的软柿子了。 于是乎,数万华人走上美国40多个城市示街头的“220挺梁大游行”震撼发生了,它掀开了在美华人历史的新篇章。

一晃, 我也来费城地区工作生活20多年了。小规模的华人上街示威游行我在电视新闻上都没有看过, 当地“美国人”的抗议失业等示威游行也未曾见过这等走过费城市这么长路线而且口号震天井然有序的。 “220挺梁游行”出人意料地达到近5千人参加的规模,用“大游行”这三个字形容绝对贴切,就是负责为游行开道和维持治安的费城警察大概也大开眼界了, 配合服务得相当到位。四五千人的华人队伍从费城中国城牌楼出发,走向独立广场,走向费城市政府,那长长的黄皮肤黑头发的游行队伍宛如一条巨龙, 让美国历史名城费城第一次清楚地听到了万千华人用英文愤怒呼唤出来的口号:“要法律公正, 不要政治审判!”“不做替罪羔羊!”“还司法公正给梁警官!”, 其震撼影响定会从费城波及到纽约和全美国。

“220挺梁大游行”前很多 天,费城市区和郊区很多报名参加挺梁维权示威游行的华人热心者就主动建立起了微信群。通过微信,大家一呼百应。 这些2“20游行”的最早组织者和倡议者依据美国法律和国情建议出来很多很好的英文标语和游行口号,从申请游行得到批准到准备标语传单, 很多华人组织者付出的辛劳和宝贵时间实在值得我们学习和点赞。火车跑得快,全靠车头带。海外华人在居住国能否依法享有自己的权益和社会地位, 在很大程度上也要看能否产生真正能为华人伸张正义、谋福利的领头人和政治家。“220挺梁大游行”本身在美国取得的空前大成功和产生的空前大影响说明, 在美国的华人圈有热心肠和有能力的维权领头人。

因为微信通知说上午10点就要在费城中国城牌楼下面集会游行,怕人多不好开车停车,2月20 日那天,我早早就起床了。 毕竟,平常从我家开车到费城中国城也要一个小时车程呢。怕游行途中上厕所不方便,早起后,我也不敢多喝果汁和牛奶就匆匆开车直奔费城市区了。 上午10点刚过,乘坐游行大巴、地铁公交和开车过来的华人很快就在费城中国城牌楼下面按照事先组织好的分区汇集起来了,人越来越多,人气越来越旺。有人给 律师函签名, 有人给捐款箱捐款,有人在发放标语牌和美国国旗,大有万众一心的气势。从A到F, 大费城地区华人一共分成了六个区域, 每个区域的游行队伍都有领头组织者带领大家高喊维权口号,这阵势和这群情激昂的场面都是我在美国从来未曾见过的,令人振奋。

因为在费城的美 国人知道纽约警官梁彼得案的人并不太多。所以,当我们浩浩荡荡的华人游行队伍在市中心街道高喊维权口号时, 马路两边和汽车里面的“老美”们不明白发生了什么事。 这些华人在抗议什么?费城“220挺梁大游行”的组织者还真是下了功夫, 不但标语口号都是英文的,而且还事先印刷了很多英文传单揭露梁彼得案不公正审判的来龙去脉, 派人随游行队伍发放给马路两边的“老美”和其它路人游客。我就亲眼见一对白人夫妇,一人手里拿着一份传单看得那叫一个仔细, 而且还在互相探讨。很多非洲裔的警察和路人对游行队伍呼喊的正当维权口号也是报以微笑并纷纷录像拍照。

众志成城,团结就是力量。我们华人温 良恭俭让,不喜欢示威抗争,“各人自扫门前雪,莫管他人瓦上霜”的传统文化根深蒂固。 所以,就是靠近纽约的美国第五大城市费城,组织者起初预计能前来参加挺梁示威游行的华人也就是500人左右。但如今的华人真的不同了, 华人手中的微信真的厉害了。很快,据说网上报名人数就迅速达到了2000人。不平则鸣,不公则抗。费城的华人愤怒了, 费城的华人要为自己的同胞弟兄讨回司法公道了!

等到浩荡的游行队从中国城牌坊准时出发口号声震天响地走向费城独立宫广场时,游行队伍人数已 经增加到了近5000千人。 费城的“老美”们也未曾见识过的如此长龙阵般的游行队伍,一个小时后,走到费城市政厅前门高呼维权口号时,一些“老美”也加入到示威游行队伍里面了。参加 费城“220挺梁大游行”的华人也不全是我们“50后”,“60后”和“70后”,一些白发苍苍的老华侨和中小学生也前来参加助威了,大家一起呼喊一起为 同胞伸张正义的场面,令人感动,也令人难忘。

除了凤凰卫视等华文主流媒体外,FOX, CBS和NBC等电视台, 《费城问询报》以及费城新闻网等主流媒体都派来记者和电视采访车来了。 这不,亲朋已将画面上也有我身穿红色防寒服高喊口号的凤凰卫视和NBC台电视新闻微信转发给我了。 我在费城的侄女谷蕾和这次大游行的积极组办者之一的侄女婿龙烈生,在游行活动中的画面也都上了FOX等电视台的新闻报道了。 是的, 我们是海外新一代亚裔,绝不是忍气吞声的哑裔!

微信真好啊!这不,不但我们在国内和在温哥华的家人关心支持我们参加费城“220挺梁大游 行”, 我们天津市新开小学同学圈、天津理工学院同学圈的老同学们乃至重庆朋友圈的管总等,都在微信上以不同形式支持我们在海外的维权示威游行。 这次全美国40多个大小城市华人同时举行的挺梁维权示威游行,规模影响空前。以我们不再沉默,不愿做替罪羊和司法要公正愤怒呐喊声,写就了在美华人历史的 新篇章。

“Stop Scapegoat!”(不做替罪羊!)和 “ Justice For All!”(司法要对所有人平等公正!)等示威游行的口号声已然在我耳边回荡。 特别是我们King of Prussia 区游行队伍的两位手拿扩音器带领我们呼喊英文口号的女士,声音激扬响亮而且富有节奏感和感染力, 着实吸引来了不少记者和路人拍照录像。

游行中我也发现,其实我们华人圈里面有组织能力和影响号召力的热心领头人还真是蛮多的,他们不但很能干热心, 而且也是蛮拼的。 所以, 不论这次大游行对纽约梁警官案子的判决能否产生积极影响,从维权和华人打破沉默站起来示威体呐喊的角度看,我们已经取得了圆满成功。